Christian Heschl is an award-winning film composer and musician born in a small town near Vienna, where he currently works in his studio. He previously composed music for numerous projects featured on National Geographic, Sony, NBC/SyFy, SWR, ARD, ARTE, SRF and many more studios.

2017, 2018 and 2019 he won several awards in for "Best Original Score" at the Los Angeles Film Awards, LA Short Awards, New York Film Awards and at the CineFest LA - for his work on nature documentaries "Frozen Warriors" and "Okavango" directed by Chris Schmid, both are showcased on National Geographic worldwide.

He started his music career by learning the trumpet where he completed a jazz education and performed at several concerts in Austria. Later he moved on to the piano and the cello as additional instruments.

Over the years Christian discovered his passion for film-music and started composing music for short films. He also attended several Masterclasses and Workshops hosted by Oscar-winning A-List composers includng Alexandre Desplat,
James Newton-Howard, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman,
John Lunn and many more. .

Christians diverse repertoire ranges from recorded epic full orchestral scores to pure production music or small intimate, ensembles and hybrid scores featuring various electronic elements combined with solo instruments to create a unique sound for each score.


Furthermore Christian will be also working on "Witness" - a german feature film, directed by Michele Gentile. Further projects include the feature documentary "The Remaining Kings" by Chris Schmid (NatGeo), "Cosmic Rush" (Science-Fiction TV Series) and various other productions in different genres.

Beside all of that he composes production music regulary and is currently under contract by two respected music production libraries: Chroma Music & Atom Music
Those companies have respected trailer and TV placements at various studios including Disney, Marvel, Universal, NBC, ABC, CBS and more. Since 2019 Christian also produces music for the Austrian National Broadcaster’s music library ORF.
Since 2019 he is working for Sandra Tomek’s TOMEK PRODUCTIONS (World of Hans Zimmer) as a Co-Curator and “Creative Brain” on her high-end concert productions like Two Steps From Hell LIVE or Hollywood in Vienna featuring Oscar-winning composers like Gabriel Yared, Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, James Newton-Howard and many more.

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Phone: +43 660 15 95 686